5 days to fall in love (again) with your home


Free Challenge



Laurence Sevagamy!

What is the gift of your home in your life and are you willing to receive it? 


Imagine waking up everyday and having a sense of peace & gratitude for yourself and your home;


Imagine having a sense of excitement  to live in and be proud of your home;


Having the joy of periodically renewing the decoration and giving your home & your life a boost of renewed energy...




Are you willing to talk to your home

AND listen to its whispers?



Welcome to my Free Challenge

5 days to fall in love (again) with your home




A challenge that will allow you to create a new relationship with your home and start to invite it into your life (again) for a greater future!

  • What do you receive in this 5 days free challenge? 


    * 1 Facebook live at XXX each day, between XXX and xxx

    * A manual to show you how to play with the tools of the FB live

    * A replay recorded from the live, send to you by email everyday

    * A FB group where you can ask questions and receive answers and our support

    * Surprise bonuses.

  • The themes of the 5 days Free Challenge

    * Day 1: What does your home mean to you?

    * Day 2: Tools to help you to start a new relationship with your home

    * Day 3: Ready to let go of all of your judgments about your home & invite it into your life

    * Day 4: What kind of challenges in your life do you have right now and how do they become a way for your home to talk to you? 

    * Day 5: Be one with your home & start to listen to its whispers


  • A 5 days free challenge that will allow you to:

    Become more aware of your home and its story in your life

    Become more aware of how much the way you take care of it or not impact your daily life

    Create a new type of relationship with your home and Start talking to it and receive from it

    Have more joy & love for your home and with it

  • Ready to change your life

    by changing your home?



    You will never see your home...and your life in the same way again after this challenge!